Our partnership with Visual Magnetics, the original inventors of magnetic receptive technology, means their products, services and expertise are available for every design project. Our expertise with digital printing on visual magnetic wall coverings opens up a wide range of options for architects and designers limited only by their imagination.

Adding magnetic solutions to a branded environment means gaining the benefits of changeable, easy-to-install solutions for wall coverings, changeable signage, point-of-purchase graphics, fixtures and much more. 


With wall coverings such as magnetic dry erase and magnetic textiles, architects and designers can add the ability for people to interact with the wall surface, adding this dynamic, hands-on feature to their corporate, institutional or retail branded environment.   


The ability to create visually arresting and dynamic environments with magnetic materials provides architects and designers with the ability to transform entire environments and make an enormous impact in very little time with very little effort.    


You can also add dimensional objects on a wall without harming the wall or graphic surface, since the system works without adhesives, nails or screws. And these objects can be moved around with ease and locked into position after being placed on a wall.

Talk to a Brandecor consultant about the powerful attraction visual magnetics can add to your next branded environment.