There are very few industries today that are not adding branded environment strategies to their marketing, advertising, and communications plans.

And many companies are recognizing the benefits of refreshing, renewing and re-branding their existing corporate offices and workplaces.

The retail industry has long used its physical store space as a marketing and sales channel.  The branded retail environment is an opportunity to monetize this physical space. Retailers are focusing on creating environments that tell their unique brand stories and elevate the store experience for their customers.

Today, the broader corporate and institutional world is realizing the internal and external benefits of environmental branding.  Employee morale, productivity, recruiting, and retention can all be tied to the physical environment.

Like retail, other industries are using the corporate and institutional space to communicate a brand promise and reinforce its purpose and mission to its customers. This makes the environment itself an asset and a communications channel.

Across the board, fewer companies and institutions are investing in building new facilities and spaces. And the rapidly growing trend is to redesign, refresh, renew, and rebrand existing environments.

Sports complexes in particular are finding that refreshing their branded environment is not only good for team spirit, it's also good for ticket sales.

This is where architects and interior designers are finding partnering with Brand Décor most helpful.

Remodeling an existing space often comes with a unique set of challenges and hidden pitfalls that require solving problems on the fly. Architects and designers need a partner who can help them solve branded environment fabrication and installation problems as quickly as they arise. 

Brand Décor has been helping architects and designers working with companies and organizations of all sizes, shapes and missions execute their branded environment visions.  We carry a wealth of been-there-done-that experience and bring it to bear on every branded environment project.

Architects and designers have come to depend on our value engineering as we help them resolve material selection, fabrication methods and installation issues long before the work starts.

And then we make it all happen—from digital printing on a wide range of surfaces and substrates, to fabricating complex elements, to on-time, on-site installations. 

Which is why architects and designers are trending toward working with Brand Décor. 

Harvey Meister is president and founder of Brand Décor. He and his seasoned team of talented promotional and architectural branded environment specialists have been serving many of the world's leading companies and organizations for nearly 30 years. 


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