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How We Helped This High School Pay Homage to a Star Alum, Honor Its 130-Year Legacy, And Engage Its Seniors.


A Cleveland design firm asked us to help them design, fabricate and install an environmental branding project at St. Ignatius High School. The project included rebranding the senior lounge and the hallways and spaces needed to create a donor gallery and an alumni legacy display.



The largest part of the project was the senior lounge and its 2,000 square feet of wall space. Not only do the wall coverings we digitally printed and installed make the room visually engaging, we  also made it physically engaging.

We printed a 20-foot by 9-foot mural for one wall on a finished cork material, enabling the seniors to use and interact with the wall by pinning and hanging communications of all kinds and sizes.

The story behind this branded environment.
From St. Ignatius, To Ohio State, To The NFL, and Back Again

LeCharles Bentley had a notable football career that started right here at St. Ignatius. And LeCharles is grateful to the school for giving him the education, encouragement and experience he needed to graduate and go on to play for Ohio State.

At Ohio State, LeCharles played All-American, Big-Ten, Remington Trophy winning center.

The NFL was inevitable for this rising star and when he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, he was named Rookie of the Year by Pro Football Weekly.

He went on to play in two Pro Bowls and spent the final years of his career with his beloved home-town heroes, the Cleveland Browns.

In a recent ESPN interview he said, 

"…I have been tremendously blessed with a great high school, college and pro career. It's unfortunate on many different levels that my career ended the way it did, but what do you do? Do you sit back and pout the rest of your life? Or do you recognize what was given to you and give it back?"
LeCharles Bentley Saint Ignatius Alum

LeCharles Bentley
Saint Ignatius Alum

LeCharles is giving it back. He does it on the field today as a coach and he's giving back to St. Ignatius. 

The display honors his contributions on and off the football field.

In addition to the wall coverings, we created, fabricated, and installed a number of museum quality dimensional panels with graphics and letters that were highlighted with LED lamps to add drama and impact.


As a way to pay homage to the school's notable alumni and supporters over its extraordinary 130-year history, we fabricated and installed museum grade wall mounted snap frames. These awards are printed on magnetic panels.

It means as this notable school continues adding to its legacy over time, adding new names and awards to the wall in the future becomes as easy as attaching a new magnet.

From design consultation to finished installation, Brandecor is the partner you can trust to help bring your next institutional branded environment vision to life. 

...recognize what was given to you and give it back.
— LeCharles Bentley


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