How we helped the nation's largest insurance company solve a steely branded environment problem.

It's probably not surprising to hear that the nation's largest insurance company has its own in-house advertising agency. The company's internal creative department is staffed by about one hundred creative professionals who occupy an entire floor of the corporate headquarters.

The building's interior was designed to be flexible and modular by using floor-to-ceiling steel panels to create walls as needed. As growth demands more usable space, adding a new office or conference room becomes as easy as retrieving the required panels from storage and installing them.

It's an elegant interior design solution. But it has one problem.

You can't hammer a nail or drill a screw into a steel wall. So how do you hang anything from it?

That's the problem they asked Brandecor to help them solve.


While steel does indeed resist hole-making, there is no surface more perfectly suited for adhering a magnet. That's why the heart of our proposed solution was to create styrene magnetic panels and adhere them to the walls they wanted to brand.

We created and installed 100 magnetic panels throughout 11 hallways and one 40' x 40' conference room, totaling 2,200 square feet. 


Like all advertising agencies, this one is also proud of their creative work and they wanted to make it the visual focus for many of these walls. 

We began working with the department's graphic designers, most of whom had not experienced the challenges of taking an image that was initially designed for another purpose, such as in an ad or a brochure, and then increasing it by some two-thousand percent while maintaining the resolutions required for grand-format digital printing.

In addition to resolution issues, we also helped them account for the location of each panel seam in order to achieve the full effect of their vision. We then ran a few test panels for them to see how their images looked at full scale.

All told, from initial discussions and consultations to install-ready panels, the entire process took about four months.


This is an advertising agency creative department, after all. These professionals eat ultra-high image quality and precise color accuracy for breakfast.  

So when one of the walls was designed to represent the dominant color used in the company's brand by reproducing a PMS color chip to scale, we knew our magnetic panels needed to match this color with spot-on 100% accuracy. 

They needed to pass the chip test.

We were pretty certain that at least one of the graphic designers in the creative department would walk up to the finished wall with her PMS Color Chip Book in hand, hold chip number 485 next to the wall and see if it matched. She did. It matched perfectly, and we passed the test.


After we designed, printed and fabricated each of the 100 panels, we then installed them throughout the eleven hallways and the meeting room, all 2,200 square feet, in just four hours

We started the project after business hours on a Tuesday night, and the creative staff returned to work on Wednesday morning to an entirely transformed environment. 

When the designer who managed the project came in that morning he said, "Wow! Looks great! You guys did an awesome job." Pretty high praise coming from anyone, but even more meaningful coming from a creative professional.

And that's why you should make Brandecor your first call when designing your next corporate branded environment.

Wow! Looks great! You guys did an awesome job!
— Designer / Project Manager



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