Decorative Inkjet Printable Textured Fabric for Walls

Introduction to Texture

 Ever wondered why people have become so interested in old things, to the point of distressing new furniture? People are crackling their walls to make them look old, and old pieces of furniture, green with age, chipped and filled with worm holes, are becoming more popular.

We live in an age of plastics, steel, glass, and laminated surfaces. It is all smooth and without character. In this modern complex world we have reached the point where many of us are becoming nostalgic for the warmth of a more familiar and relaxing environment. In many instances things with texture represents our past, and these old things can have a calming effect on us.

More designers are turning to the use of textures and dramatic room elements to set apart their design from everyday life. People are building new, expensive homes using new building techniques to add texture to walls, ceilings and glass, and commercial designers are picking up on the latest trends as well.

How to Use Texture to Add Visual Interest

 Creating an interesting interior space can be made simpler through the use of art which is consistent with the theme of the interior treatment. Key visual elements, such as a mural, create a center of attention, or patterns on a wall can support a theme, time, or mood.

Commercial Applications

Color, texture, and shape are the fundamentals in good design. When you view an object, the way that the light is reflected off of it onto your eyes is commonly known as color. Texture is the way that the object feels to you visually. Shape is the basic makeup of the object reflected visually. The correct combination of these characteristics results in a visually harmonious atmosphere.

The walls, as the backdrop of a room, can be a showcase for texture. If you are an off-white addict, some people would try faux techniques such as ragging, combing, or sponging. DreamScape offers a high quality, easier alternative to these dramatic techniques.

It is true that certain architectural elements of a room demand more attention then others. A dramatic wall treatment through the use of a mural, or a special design on just the right texture will either be the focal point if it is a mural, or just make a theme look more complete, as with custom patterned wallcoverings.

The many textures offered by DreamScape can make your next commercial project a dramatic success!

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