Osborn Engineering/O-Sports

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Osborn Engineering provides innovative engineering solutions for landmark architectural projects across the country, most notably for professional/collegiate sports arenas and stadiums. So when it came time for an office remodel they wanted to present their brands in a modern, upscale format.

The main lobby area consists of two sides – one for Osborn Engineering, and one for O-Sports, their technology and entertainment division. Each side features custom printed wall covering with an oversized color logo icon set on a repeat pattern of the same logo. The subtle tone-on-tone quality of the pattern was achieved by printing a glossy white ink on the suede finish white wall covering. Custom cut and painted dimensional logos were applied directly over the wall covering.

In the respective back office areas, duotone images representative of related projects for each division were created to match feature wall colors. After extensive color testing, the images were produced as digitally printed wall covering. Similar to the main lobby, custom dimensional logos were applied on the surface to provide contrast and dimension.

Brand Décor was instrumental in material selection and testing, color matching, production, and installation management.