Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton Ohio

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A recent major expansion and remodeling of the Pro Football Hall of Fame extended beyond the exhibit space to include the newly built administrative offices. Brand Décor was called on to help extend the spirit and history of the game into the daily operations area with custom wall and window graphics.

The biggest challenge of the project was a large sweeping graphic in the main entrance lobby. Much color testing was required in order to get the light gray tone to match on two different types of media – clear vinyl on the windows and solid vinyl on the walls. Beyond the color issue, proper sizing and cropping was essential for proper alignment of the graphics on 16 sections of window and wall. Brand Décor provided the highly detailed field verifications that fed the design process for perfectly fitting graphics.

Another demanding graphic was in the two-story foyer in the administrative section of the building. The image needed to be sized precisely to ensure the players faces aligned in the open wall space between the vertical windows of an upstairs conference room. Again, the site survey played an immense roll and a successful installation. A dozen more murals were installed throughout the hallways, offices, and public spaces within the building. 

This project highlights the importance of precise information from site surveys. As part of our total consultative approach, Brand Décor provides this service on all projects. Contact us today to learn more about how precise we can be.