Tremco, Inc.

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Tremco Inc, a Beachwood, OH-based commercial roofing company, prides itself on its LEED-based roof design and environmentally friendly building practices. Their corporate headquarters features a massive “green” roof with plant beds designed to absorb water and reduce run-off. The planted roof also greatly improves energy efficiency for the entire building, a result of the cooling properties of the plant beds.

Taking advantage of empty wall space in a stairwell leading up to the roof, Tremco used environmental graphics to tell the roof story and provide an overview of all products and divisions. As visitors travel up the four-flights to view the roof top garden, each landing provides valuable company information – and an opportunity to rest on the way up.

Brand Décor was call upon for the initial consult on materials and production direction for the project. A thorough site survey was required as well, since the space in the stairwell provided very little tolerance. Custom printed wall covering provides most of the color and content on each of the landings.

Three of the levels featured a structural bump-out with back lighting, for which we printed DiBond graphic panels with additional content. The panels were scored and bent to fit precisely over the existing structure, and held in place with decorative anodized aluminum screw caps. Project installation was managed by Brand Décor.