Financial Services Company World Headquarters in Bloomington IL

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Brand Décor recently assisted one of the nation’s largest insurance companies with an ongoing headquarters branding initiative. Working directly with their in-house design team, we helped create a solution to apply graphics to the modular, floor-to-ceiling steel dividers that are used to isolate departmental offices.

The directive was to avoid drilling holes or otherwise damaging the integrity of the modular walls at all costs. Adhesive graphics were a potential solution, but given the dynamic nature of the office space and the fact that these walls will surely one day be reconfigured, the prospect of removing the adhesive graphics was daunting at best.

Enter the magnetic solution.  By producing custom graphic panels with magnetic backing, Brand Décor engineered a solution that delivered the aesthetic the client wanted and allowed for installation and removal with incredible ease.  The 100 panel project covered eleven walls and one large conference room.  The entire installation was completed in roughly eight hours.